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SUWC members are a diverse and fascinating group of women.  It is my goal in the coming year is to learn more about some of the amazing people  in our club and share a few with you.  – Audrey

SUWC welcomes new member Joo-Mee Lee.   Her family (husband, a son age 6 and a daughter 4) moved here from Boston in July last year.  They were going to different open houses on campus, and met a realtor that told her about our club.  Joo-Mee commented  “SUWC provides a sense of community for newbies like myself. It is great to meet women in different age groups.”

Joo-Mee graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London, England and from New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. She earned her Doctor of Musical Arts from Boston University.  She is a lecturer in Violin, and director of the Stanford New Ensemble.

Joo-Mee’s New Ensemble will be performing a free public concert this  Friday  Nov. 6 at 12:30 pm in the Oak Lounge West, second floor of the Tressider Union building at Stanford. It is going to be a casual and intimate classical concert of music written after 1900’s.  You are welcome to bring a lunch and eat during the performance.



Note:  SUWC has a group that meets monthly to enjoy an afternoon concert by local musicians. The musicians who play are often Stanford affiliated.  They meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00.  There is a music program (45 minutes) long followed by refreshments and socializing with the musicians and with each other. Concerts are an opportunity to listen to a lovely program in an intimate setting. To get on the email list, to offer to perform, to offer your home, or to bring refreshments, please contact Trudy Roughgarden.

Hoover House Brunch 2015

Andrea Hennessy hosted the SUWC at the Hoover House for a beautiful brunch on Friday, October 2nd. Over 140 club members and prospective members enjoyed a beautiful morning together. Mrs. Hennessy has hosted the club for the past 15 years and inspired the popular visual arts section within the club. Photos from the brunch are in the sidebar of our blog. Mary Anne Kochenderfer was our photographer.

Hoover House Brunch 2015

¡Hola Compañeras!

SUWC wants to start a new Spanish group for those who wish to practice their speaking skills.  We are considering the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month for a morning coffee or BYOB lunch (bring your own lunch) at a member’s home.  The time will be decided by the group.  Please contact Ann Pianetta at 650-424-9070 or if you are interested in this section or have questions.  Please let Ann know what time / dates you would prefer and she will keep you posted as new developments occur.  !Nos vemos!

Section Debut: Meditation on Wednesdays

We live in a busy hectic world.   We are fortunate to have an opportunity to learn about silent meditation that can help bring peace and focus.

MEDITATION:  Most Wednesdays at 2:00pm at a home on campus
These free classes begin on October 14 at 2 pm and are taught by SUWC member Grace Schireson.  Learn about and practice silent meditation. Use a meditation cushion or sit on a chair. Each class will teach basic Buddhist principles for stress reduction and allow time for a group meditation. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome.   Mediation will not meet if there is a Music Group event scheduled — usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Grace has a wonderful interesting life.   Here is her story:

“I became interested in Zen meditation 50 years ago in the midst of the 60’s at the San Francisco Zen Center. My husband and I were married at the Zen Center by the late Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1968. After our two sons were grown, I received ordination as a Zen priest in 1998, and later was fully empowered as a Zen teacher in (2005) and a Zen Abbess at my retreat center, Empty Nest Zendo, in 2009. I have trained in Japanese and Korean Zen monasteries as well as in American practice centers. Along the way, I also became licensed as a Clinical Psychologist through completing a doctoral program at the Wright Institute in Berkeley (1989).

From my first meditation to the present moment, I have experienced the powerful stress reducing effects of meditation. I am particularly interested in how we can use the spacious mind, developed in meditation, to benefit our everyday encounters at work and at home.

Through my own interest in the practice of meditation at home with family, and in my profession as a psychologist specializing in women and families, I have become interested in how women develop their own strength and creativity. This led me to research a book on the history of influential women in Zen Buddhism: Zen Women: Beyond Tea Ladies, Iron Maidens and Macho Masters (Wisdom, 2009)The book was published in German (2014), and the photograph is one of my teaching events for the book tour July 2015 in Switzerland. My daughter-in-law is on faculty at Stanford’s School of Medicine, and I now share a home on campus with my son, daughter-in-law, my husband and four grandchildren. I am looking forward to getting to know the SUWC community.”

Please contact Grace Schireson (561- 4514) for more information including the address of the meetings.

Visual Arts Draws You In

The Visual Arts section offers a wide variety of events, such as: lectures, visits to museums and artists’ studios, and special viewings of private collections. This year, we are looking forward to introducing a few exciting art workshops. If you have questions, suggestions for activities or if you want to add your name to our email list, complete the contact form below to send Danièle Archambault, our chair, a message.

First event of this year:  Thursday, October 15, 2015, 1:30 to 3:30 PM

Coloring Towns and Gardens! 

House of Danièle Archambault, Palo Alto.

Although adult coloring books have been around for quite a long time, they are now experiencing remarkable popularity. These days, you can’t walk into a bookstore without noticing the eye-catching display of adult coloring books.These adult coloring books are often quite different from the ones geared towards young children: The designs are more complex and the subjects are chosen to appeal to a mature public. Mandalas, gardens and reproductions of famous paintings are quite popular. For example, Basford’ Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book sold over 2 millions copies since its released in 2013. For some people, coloring books offer a great outlet to de-stress and relax. For others, it is a wonderful way to express their creativity and their love of color.

Coloring Book Workshop

Try it and see what all the excitement is about!

Our afternoon will begin with a short information session on color theory and the techniques of coloring pencils. Participants will then select a page from one of two adult coloring books: Enchanting Gardens by Nikolett Corley and Fantastic Cities by Steve MC Donald. We will then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying refreshments (wine, tea, and cookies) and coloring in friendly company. The event is limited to 12 people. The $5 registration fee covers all materials and refreshments.

Two videos worth watching:

  1.  Steve McDonald talks about his Adult coloring book: Fantastic Cities.

2. A video example of colored pages

Spring Tea 2015

Our 2014-15 year concluded on May 15th with a beautiful afternoon in the lovely garden of Deirdre Lyell, daughter of long – time member Ruth Lyell.    We enjoyed enchanting music by the Altair String Trio.   The delightful refreshments were  organized by Yoshiko Amemiya, Patricia Chao and Letitia Lai.    The beautiful centerpieces were arranged by Gerda Wilson, Nancy Rubenstein and Patricia Chao.     Thank you to Program Committee members Audrey Gold and Ronna Widrow for planning the event.    Mary Anne Kochenderfer was our photographer.    Please enjoy the pictures posted on the left side of our web site.


Hey Good Lookin Whatcha got Cookin?

If you have the “thyme” and enjoy delicious food, consider Cuisine Club. This wonderful section has been around for many years planning incredible meals around a wide array of interesting ideas, countries and themes.    Don’t worry if you aren’t a cook, you are still welcome to participate.

Luncheons this year mixed it up with a Mexican Taco Bar, Hungarian, West African, South China, and Spanish foods. Also featured was an English High Tea and a 50’s style luncheon.  And that’s not all…  they had their annual appetizer/hors d’oeuvre and brown bag exchanges too.    Thank you to Diane Levin for coordinating this group this past year.  You can contact her at or call her at 650 494-4991 to learn more.


Abi Fafchamps, Evi Byers, Diane Levin, Letitia Lai, Carol Kornfeld, Maxie Mark, Nancy Rubenstein savor a feast of fine food

Please let us know if you have a favorite memory from Cuisine Club to share.   You can add a comment on this post or sent me a note and I’ll do it for you.


A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Stanford University Women’s Club was founded in 1896 by Jessie Knight Jordan, wife of then Stanford President, David Starr Jordan. The real value of our club remains true to our founder’s goal.   Mrs. Jordan’s goal was to create a club that would promote good friendships, welcome newcomers to the university, and enable women to share mutual interests.

Recently, our club lost long time member, Marianne Marx.   At her service, a former student described her as “Facebook before Facebook.” Marianne was someone who enjoyed getting to know others and had a remarkable memory for relationships.     For many years she coordinated the teaching associates (TAs) in the Electrical Engineering department and matched them with professors.  Marianne made everyone feel welcomed and important.

My wish is that all of us make an effort to be part of our vibrant club. On-line social networks such as Facebook, Nextdoor, and Yahoo Groups do not replace the warmth of a smile, a friendly hello or a pleasant in-person introduction of a new acquaintance.   We all need to feel important and wanted.   As the 2014-15 academic year concludes, YOU are most warmly invited to attend the Open Board Meeting with Professor Paul Oyer on Wednesday, April 22nd, and our annual Spring Tea on Friday, May 15th.   Please come “Relax, Connect and Enjoy.”

As well, please remember we have many small special interest groups, known as “sections,” that meet on a more regular basis. All the details are found in the “Preview” newsletter that comes out about once a month between October and May. It is never too late to check one out.

Marianne would have been delighted to know when someone met a friend through the Stanford University Women’s Club.




Lovely Lunch with Chico’s Chic Style

A record 147 SUWC members and their guests enjoyed lunch and chic fashions at the Menlo Circus Club on Thursday March 19th.   Please stop by Chico’s for beautiful prints, artisan jackets, and the wrinkle-free Travelers collection.  If you go to the boutique, at 388 University Avenue in Palo Alto, you might meet store manager Alaina Munoz or assistant Rebecca Smith.  They will help you choose comfortable clothing that will make you look and feel wonderful.

Our Fashion Show models were: Cindi Kingsley, Sarah Bagwell, Edith Zitelli, Anna Ranieri, Marina Lewis, Fang Tian, Donna Silverberg, Dallas Manning and Beth Lyon.

The incomparable Art Barnes played the piano.   Stunning original paintings by SUWC member and artist Florence de Bretagne brightened the venue.

A huge round of applause for Meredith Einaude for coordinating the fashion show.    She promises to do it again next year!  She is in the center of the picture below with the Chico’s store gals.

Please look on the left side of the our web page to enjoy more photos from this event.
Thank you Terrie Purpur for taking all these fun pictures.
 Meredith with Chico's Fashionists

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