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Enjoy a walk through last year’s events!

We organized events connected by an educational arc: the development of “visual literacy.” Below is a summary.

Fall session (November). The meeting was a slide talk by SUWC member and arts educator, Judith Kays, entitled “Learning to See” focusing on techniques which enhance appreciation and response to a spectrum of visual aesthetic experiences. Judith has given this presentation over the years to many Bay Area institutions including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Jose Museum of Art, Palo Alto Art Center, and our own Cantor Arts Center. More than 35 people attended the event.

Winter session (February): For our winter meeting, Judith Kays led us through a guided tour at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. In this second session of our new club activities, Judith helped us apply the techniques and principles learned in her fall talk entitled “Learning to see” to current exhibitions. The 4 o’clock schedule allowed for participants to meet in the Cool Cafe afterwards. About 25 people attended this event.

Spring session (May): The Visual Arts Group hosted a Campus Collectors’ Viewing. A wonderful visit to see private collections on campus, with emphasis on the centrality of art in these individuals’ lives, in short: why collectors collect. The Viewing was partly a walk-about and partly a drive and then car-pooling to the last place for a wonderful wrap-up talk with Judith Kays at the end of the afternoon. About 20 people attended this event.

If you have questions, suggestions for activities or if you want to add your name to our email list, please send Danièle Archambault, our chair, a message, using the contact form below:

Danièle Archambault


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